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Submitting your ads

Please send your advertising copy by email to

We will take care of publication.

By default adverts remain on our site for one calendar month, however if the advert mentions a closing date/time sooner than one month ahead we will set your ad to expire at that date/time.

Advert check list; 

  1. Have you included  the job title?

  2. Have you mentioned where the position is located geographically ? (if it's not in the body of the advert, we need to know where to list it);

  3. Have you stated how people should apply or to whom they can make enquiries? (based on our research we recommend you include an email address for responses, but you can direct people to your web site if you wish)

  4. Have you included your company name, address and web site URL?  - not a requirement but we recommend it (all web site URLs in Jobs in Planning are live links)

  5. Please let us know your the organisation name and address you would like on the invoice. We will invoice you after publication. No "account" is required. 

Advert Size
There is no limit to the number of words allowed in an advertisement, but we recommend keeping to less than 300 words.

Ad copy format
We prefer ads to be supplied in Microsoft Word format, but can accept most electronic formats. We will let you know if there is a problem.

We can include your logo in your advertisements at no extra cost. Simply include a good quality logo image when supplying your ad copy. 

Please note, logos are visible on our web site (desktop view), but not in our email bulletins to subscribers. 

Material Deadline
You can send ad copy to us at any time. We publish adverts to our web site throughout the week (Mon - Fri), and all of our email updates and news feeds are driven from the web site.

We will invoice you by email after publication of your advert.

Our invoices include a link to our payment gateway for payments by Visa, Amex or Mastercard. Our bank details are also provided for EFT payments. 

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